Are Goldendoodles Good With Babies?

Are Goldendoodles Good With Children?

The Goldendoodle makes a wonderful family pet, and if he takes after his Golden Retriever lineage, he will be patient and gentle. Goldendoodles get along well with other pets and children of all ages. Socialization, though, is an important part of raising both a baby and a Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles are good with children and babies, and the gentle and loving nature of the Goldendoodle is legendary. Common sense should be exercised, though. If your Goldendoodle is full-sized, then precautions should be in place to ensure that an exuberant puppy doesn’t accidentally injure the child.

The size difference should be taken into consideration as well. A gentle and well-meaning Goldendoodle can still bowl over a smaller child.

Some think that a Goldendoodle is too big to be around small children, but nothing could be further from the truth. ALL dogs require training and socialization, but the Goldendoodle is going to be part of the family and not just a pet.

Goldendoodles are loyal and protective and are smart enough to make training an easy task. A well-bred doodle will be non-shedding and virtually hypoallergenic, a definite plus if any family members have allergies.

Getting Your Goldendoodle Used To Having A Baby Around

Many new parents acclimate their Goldendoodle to the new baby by letting him hang around the nursery and get used to the noises the infant makes. Most find that the dog will ignore the baby until there is more activity and baby talk, then the puppy will take interest in this new activity.

You need to make sure that your Goldendoodle has positive associations with your children and this will require you to supervise them closely. When your baby grows enough that hair-pulling and eye-poking becomes an issue, you will need to be socializing the baby as well as the dog.

Teach your children to not approach your Goldendoodle while it is sleeping or eating. Startling the dog while sleeping can trigger a defensive posture, and no dog likes having its food threatened. Learn to recognize when the puppy has had enough rough-housing and the tail stops wagging.

At What Age Do Goldendoodles Calm Down?

Calm down? Why, what do you mean? Well, Goldendoodle puppies can be complete spaz’s, with only two speeds…100 miles an hour and sleep. Bouncing off the walls one moment, they can shift to sleeping upside-down in the corner of the couch in a mere moment.

Lively and energetic…explosive and frenetic…that’s what we call it, but most Goldendoodles will begin to settle down and mellow out at 8-12 months. As they age they will lay around a lot more, but will always be up in a flash for some fun.

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