Are Labradoodles Good Running Partners?

Are Labradoodles good running partners?

Affectionate, fun-loving, and adorable – Labradoodles are an increasingly popular choice among dog owners. When choosing a breed of dog, however, the owner’s hobbies and situations also need to be taken into consideration.

Are Labradoodles Good Running Partners? Yes, Labradoodles are definitely great running partners. Both runners and dog experts alike accept Labradoodles as one of the best running partners. They are generally athletic dogs, ready to run mid-long distances and maintain a decent pace.

Although Labradoodles can be good running partners, there are plenty of considerations to take into account before making this decision. Due to breed variations, there are lots of individual differences from one to another.


What Makes A Labradoodle A Good Running Partner?

Speed, stamina, size, obedience, and personality all play a role in this dog’s ability to be an excellent running partner. Owning a Labradoodle, in some sense, can be considered hitting the lottery on these categories. In multiple studies and tests, they were tested and reported at coming in anywhere from 25-40 miles per hour. Despite the large spread, there is no doubt they are fast.

Due to their size, they require more exercise than most small dogs, and this makes running with them regularly a positive thing for their health as well. The size and breed also play a role in stamina, which they are moderate-to-above average in. Labradoodles, overall, are also notoriously joyful and friendly. This makes them great dogs while running to keep from getting into other people’s faces.

The last aspect mentioned is obedience, which is arguably the most helpful when being considered as a running partner. Labradoodles are known as being easy to train and obedient dogs. They are highly intelligent and eager to learn new things. This is a fantastic trait to have in a new running partner as it will help you keep them in line and able to try new locations.

How Far Can A Labradoodle Run?

This is not a hard and fast answer. Like humans, dogs need to be trained and in shape to run long distances. Unlike small dogs and other breeds, however, Labradoodles can reach long-distance runs. When in shape, Labradoodles can run very long distances.

It would not be absurd to say that Labradoodles can build up to 20miles, or potentially more. Not only are Labradoodles able to build up to these lengths of runs, but you will also probably find that they are overjoyed to do this with you.

How Fast Can A Labradoodle Run?

No matter how fast you are, it is a safe bet that you will never be able to beat your Labradoodle in a sprint. Being a large dog breed, Labradoodles can run up to – or even beyond – 35 miles-per-hour, although there is a lot of variation between dogs. You can pretty much guarantee that any Labradoodle you would purchase or adopt would be able to run 25 MPH without too much trouble, so unless you’re faster than Usain Bolt, you won’t have to slow down.

Don’t worry if the max speed is well beyond your limitations or intimidating for you, sprint speed is not the only consideration to take into account. If you begin to bring length into consideration, most Labradoodles will be most comfortable at a medium-pace of 8:00 – 10:00 minute mile. Of course, the speed can also be built up, much like the distance.

What Terrains Can A Labradoodle Run On?

Labradoodles are able to adapt to a variety of terrains. One area that they also excel in is on trails. They aren’t the best for rocky terrains that are very jagged and hard to maneuver, but any well-traveled path will be welcomed greatly. If you are working on trail running with your Labradoodle, it would be wise to take it a little easier on distance and speed, just to figure out how they adjust.
What to avoid:
The extremes are harsh on Labradoodles. While they are okay on flat surfaces, pavement is hard on their paws. It is best to stick to grass or dirt to avoid harming their paws when they run distances. The other extreme would be rocky or mountainous terrains. If it is full of rocks and tough foot positions, their paws will also have difficulty with that. Although if it is a trial that just happens to have hills and ups and downs, feel free to go for it! They will love the challenge.

At What Age Can My Labradoodle Be My Running Partner?

As with most dogs, you shouldn’t start running or doing heavy exercise with your Labradoodle as a young puppy. The general rule is to wait until 18 months, or up to 24 months if you have reservations. Since they are larger dogs, it is good to be doing exercise with them prior to this. Taking them for regular walks each day will help them prepare for when they are old enough to begin going on runs. The most important thing is to feel it out and see how they react as they start to become more active with you.

What Can I Do To Train My Labradoodle To Be My Running Partner?

The Basics:
Luckily, Labradoodles are easier to train than many dog breeds, so they will pick up what they learn quickly. The best way to teach them to run is to practice. Do this by getting a short leash, 2-3 feet, and tying it to yourself. I recommend using your waist, but holding onto it is fine as well. Make sure to bring treats with you. As your dog stays with you and maintains pace, make sure to reward him or her with treats. If the dog tries to pull away in any direction, the best bet is to ignore it. Stop and wait for the dog to come back to you.

Build up to it:
Start slow, and make sure you know how your Labradoodle runs. Start by walking at a reasonable pace, then mix in some intervals of running. Be sure to allow your dog plenty of walking time between jogs. Make sure to give him or her water immediately after. If your dog’s ears are going flat, or it is stopping to lay down, it has probably been running too long.

Eating and drinking before the run can be detrimental to the dog’s ability to perform. Make sure that if they are eating or drinking, it is in low quantities. During the run, it is ideal to bring a collapsible water dish with you so that they can get hydrated if needed. After the run, you’ll want to make sure they drink something and wait a few minutes before eating.

After exercise, dogs are in a state of alertness. Anytime you run with them, particularly each time something new happens (such as first time, longer distances, etc…), definitely spend a while afterward watching them and being present to make sure they handle it well.

Related Questions

How Much Exercise Do Labradoodles Require?

Labradoodles are active dogs. It is suggested that they get a minimum of 30 – 60 minutes a day. It is helpful too if they re able to go for walks two times a day (or more) as they are both highly intelligent and active, which means they need physical and mental stimulation.

How Much Exercise Do Labradoodle Puppies Need?

Labradoodles are a highly active breed – and when they’re young, they are definitely no different. The rule of thumb is to give them 5 minutes for each month they are old, twice a day. So a three-month puppy would require 15 minutes of activity, twice a day.

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