Can I Adopt A Mini Goldendoodle Or Must I Purchase?

Because of the popularity of Mini Goldendoodles, the number of available of these miniature Golden Retrievers / Poodles mixes needing a new home is very low. Finding a potential candidate still in the puppy stage at a rescue center will be even rarer. Miniature Goldendoodles are not generally abandoned or unwanted by their current owners, but there are some exceptions you can look for. Some common reasons for a Mini Goldendoodle to be unhomed are the pet owners have been relocated to a hospice, or have passed on. Many family pets have needed rescue after a natural disaster, or for various reasons, could not be taken to a new home in an apartment due to building restrictions.

Most rescue Goldendoodles that are available for adoption will be retired Goldendoodles, and only occasionally do the mini Goldendoodles appear on the waiting list.

Be aware that many breeders that have mini Goldendoodles for sale refer to the sale as an “adoption process”.

Why do people put Goldendoodles up for adoption or in a rescue?

There are several reasons a Mini Goldendoodle might end up in a rescue.

  1. The owners passed away or are in an elderly care facility.
  2. The pet owners moved to a new residence that is not conducive to dogs
  3. Dogs that are used for breeding will be retired when they can no longer be used for this purpose.
  4. Some Mini Goldendoodles bark…a lot…and whether it is from anxiety or playfulness, some neighbors will complain.
  5. The expense of caring for and grooming a Goldendoodle can be too much for some people on a fixed budget.
  6. The puppy can be too energetic for some families, especially older family members.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Mini Goldendoodle Puppy?

Of course, adoption fees will vary from one adoption agency to the next, but they range somewhere between a $150 to $700 one-time cost. This fee usually covers all medical fees, chipping, spaying or neutering, and vaccinations. The adoption center will also use part of the fee to provide food, shelter, and medical care for the unadopted rescue dogs currently waiting to be rehomed.

One method of preparing an adult Goldendoodle to be rehomed is for foster homes to act as pet parents for a short time. This allows the rescue dog to be observed and an evaluation of its personality, needs, likes, and dislikes can be cataloged for future family members.

It’s rare to find free Goldendoodles. Normally, there will be some kind of fee applied to take a rescue Goldendoodle home.

What Is The Advantage To A Mini Goldendoodle Vs A Standard Goldendoodle?


A standard Golden doodle may be too large and rambunctious for smaller children. They also may not be a good fit for older adults that are unable to keep up with the larger dog’s exercise requirements.

Easier To Manage

A smaller-sized dog will be easier to handle and manage. You can pick him or her up easier than a 90 lb. dog when you need to. Traveling has much less drama with a smaller dog than a medium or large dog.


They are faster and easier to groom, regardless of the coat type (Wool, Wavey, straight, Curly coat, etc.). Trimming nails is a breeze compared to the hard-as-stone larger breed dog.

Food costs are significantly lower which is a boon for older parents on a fixed income.


Even though Goldendoodles are famous for being allergen-free, they DO have some dander. For hypersensitive owners, the smaller breed dog produces less dander and would be heaven-sent compared to the larger breed’s shedding (even though it’s a small amount).

Hip Dysplasia and other large breed dog health issues

The bigger size of the standard Goldendoodle makes them prone to hip dysplasia. Most breeders have eliminated this genetic malady, but the smaller breeds are much less prone to the disease.

The standard Goldendoodle is known for having a higher risk of developing cancer in their joints. These cancers tend to occur later in life, so most people don’t worry about it until after retirement age. However, because these diseases often develop slowly over many years, early detection is key.

Best Rescue Centers For Goldendoodles

IDOG Rescue

The adoption screening process at IDOG Rescue includes an adoption application, a phone interview, a veterinarian and personal reference check, and a home visit. All our dogs have an adoption fee ranging from $100 to $750 depending on the dog. A contract must be signed by each adopter that states the adopter must contact IDOG if he or she cannot keep the dog.  They don’t try to send their foster dogs long distances to see potential adoptive families so if you’re interested in adopting that dog, please consider dogs that you can visit within a short time of being approved.

Local Dog Rescues

Local Dog Rescues has over 4,000 rescue organizations listed in a database with over 100,000 dogs waiting for adoption. Just use their menu to put in your state and breed you are looking for, and you can find a great family dog fast.

Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue is a non-profit organization and 100 percent of your donation will directly support their mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs. They are primarily serving San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and the DFW area in Texas.

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR)

Although the name indicates Golden Retrievers as their primary focus, they rehome Goldendoodles and Labradoodles as well.  Check the “Available Dogs” section to see the fur babies available.

In Conclusion

A quick search will turn up a local rescue organization, or at the very least, a nearby doodle rescue collective, where you might find the perfect match for your next family member.

Chuck Wilson

I am a dog parent in Hot Springs Village, Ar. with over 45 years of raising and training dogs. I created this site to help fellow Doodle owners with up-to-date information and tips for raising your puppy right!

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