How to Groom a Bernedoodle: The Ultimate Guide

How to Groom A Bernedoodle

Owning a Bernedoodle can be fantastic because they make great pets. However, they can require a lot of grooming. As an owner, you should know how to take care of your dog; and this includes caring for its coat and nails.

Want to know how to groom a Bernedoodle? Here’s the general process:

  1. A Bernedoodle needs brushing at least a couple of times each week. 
  2. After a few months, they can also use a nice bath to clean their fur and get rid of fur that’s stuck in their coat. 
  3. And a few times a year, a professional groomer can do more advanced tasks like clipping the dog’s nails.

If you have or want to have a Bernedoodle, you should know how to take care of it. Regular grooming can help keep your dog healthy and happy, but you don’t need to be a professional groomer. This article will discuss the grooming basics you need to ensure your dog stays looking and feeling great!

Bernedoodle Grooming Basics

Grooming any dog can take time, and the Bernedoodle is no exception. Bernedoodles can have a few different types of coats, each of which can affect their grooming needs. The most common type of coat is either the curly or wavy coat.

Curly and wavy coats are very similar to the coat of a pure Poodle, which means they don’t shed as much. However, some Bernedoodles have straight coats, which do shed more. If a Bernedoodle sheds more, they will still need grooming, but the process doesn’t need to be as intense.

Since curly and wavy coats don’t shed, it can take more time to brush through the coat. You’ll end up getting a lot of loose fur out while brushing, so it’s important to keep up with it. But no matter what type of coat your Bernedoodle has, weekly grooming is an essential part of their routine.

Weekly Grooming

The most important step in grooming a Bernedoodle is brushing. Like people, dogs need regular brushing to avoid mats and tangles in their fur. Brushing your dog consistently will also help keep their fur healthy and shiny.

  • At a minimum, brush your dog at least two times each week. The brushing will help you get any dead fur out of their coat.
  • If your Bernedoodle has a curly or wavy coat, consider brushing your dog more often. The curly and wavy fur has a higher risk of tangling, so you may need to brush three times a week or more to prevent that.

You don’t need to brush your dog’s fur every day, but doing so a few times a week is crucial. If you notice that your dog needs more brushing, you can do that. Or you can stick with two or three times per week; it’s up to you. 

How to Brush Your Bernedoodle

Before you begin brushing your dog, you need to get the right type of brush. 

You can use a general dog brush for regular grooming, but you may need a special brush to tackle matted fur or other issues. In that case, you can use a universal slicker brush or a shedding blade.

No matter what type of brush you use, you should give your dog a chance to examine it. Let them smell it so that they can learn it’s nothing bad. If you’ve never brushed your dog before, you should have some treats or toys handy to distract them. Then, you can take the time to brush through their entire coat.

As you brush, make sure you hit all areas of your Bernedoodle’s coat. You should make sure to brush their legs, head, and tail as well as their back and stomach. If you encounter tangles or mats, go slowly to get them out so that you don’t disturb your dog.

But if your dog starts to get scared, you can stop and come back to brushing them later. As you build up a brushing routine, your dog won’t get as scared or alarmed by the brush. In some cases, they may start to find it relaxing.

Monthly Grooming

Even if you keep up with regular brushing each week, you should bathe your dog every so often. A bath can help keep your dog’s fur clean and healthy, and it’s important regardless of the type of coat.

You don’t need to bathe your dog each week, as that’s a bit excessive. Every two months should be more than enough to keep their hair clean. 

You shouldn’t bathe your dog more often because it can dry out their fur and skin, which can lead to other issues. However, if your dog gets into something and gets dirty, you can give them a bath in between their regular baths.
Now, if you’ve never given a dog a bath, you should know that it can be difficult. It doesn’t matter if you need to bathe a Bernedoodle or another breed of dog. Some dogs hate being near the water, and it can stress them out. So before you give your dog a bath, you should try to make it comfortable.

How to Bathe Your Bernedoodle

When it comes time to bathe your dog, include some toys or treats. You can also offer attention so that they associate the bath with something good. And the earlier you start giving them baths, the easier it will be for them to get used to it.

  1. Every two to four months, find your stash of dog shampoo. You should use a shampoo that won’t dry out your dog’s fur.
  2. Look for shampoos with a good smell, and start with a small amount of it. You can always add more, but using too much can dry out your dog’s skin and strip their fur of natural oils.
  3. Keep the shampoo from getting in your dog’s ears and eyes. This can cause health problems.
  4. If you have any issues, you can consult your local dog groomer for advice. They’ll be able to recommend the right products for your dog.

Bathing a dog can be a huge ordeal. You have to make sure you have the right shampoo, and you have to keep your dog calm throughout the process. Luckily, you only need to bathe your Bernedoodle every two months or so, and that can help when the time comes for even more grooming.

Professional Grooming

While it’s important to brush and bathe your Bernedoodle regularly, you should also take your dog to the groomer. A professional groomer can make sure your dog is healthy, and they can address any problems they find. And unless you’re a groomer yourself, a professional can do more grooming than you can at home.

Your groomer can check your dog’s nails and clip them so that they don’t get too long. And since you shouldn’t use shampoo on your dog’s ears, a groomer can check those. If your dog has an infection, a groomer can help you determine how to get rid of the problem.

A groomer can also give your dog a nice cut, and there are different options you can choose. In the summer, your groomer can cut your dog’s fur shorter to keep them from getting too hot. However, this style barely shortens their facial fur, and it doesn’t affect the length of their tail fur.

In the winter, you can have your groomer keep your Bernedoodle’s fur a little longer so that they can stay warm. And if you want to show off the Poodle part of your dog, you can cut the fur around their back and belly while letting other areas grow out.


Properly grooming a Bernedoodle involves a few steps, from brushing to professional help. 

Whether you just got a Bernedoodle or have had one for years, you should know how to keep your dog in tip-top shape. So consider the steps mentioned above the next time you need to brush or bathe your Bernedoodle.

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